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Garlicky no-till lasagna Garden

Just starting in on the gardens. I’m sick of pulling puncture vine already!! I’m going to lay cardboard down, then some peat moss, then straw to start. I hope this will make it so the weed seeds never see the light of day ever again. My other reason to plant this way is to keep moisture in so I will not have to water as often. Will be planting my first crop of garlic this weekend.

An outdoor organic garden located in Lewiston, Idaho, United States, Happyskunk's Garlicky no-till lasagna garden currently contains 1 plants.

This is a Vegetable garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 6b. It has mainly Loam soil and receives Full Sun light.






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I only just heard about puncture vine. Never seen the stuff, but apparently it grows around here, and is really bad for bicycle tires.

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Happy Gardening!!!

Posted on 12 Oct 09 (almost 10 years ago)

hey there! just discovered you in an attempt to find some idahoans that are active on folia! was wondering how the cardboard and mulch worked for you with the puncture vine…that stuff is wicked and 1/4 acre plot of our land is COVERED in it…a deadly pesticide that we used last year helped but i would love to use something, well, less deadly to all other forms of life.

Posted on 02 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

I’m making progress at controlling the puncture vine. Cardboard works well for areas that our heavily infested. In other areas I skimmed the top layer of soil with all the seeds and then buried them in a 7 foot deep hole. I will win this war!

Posted on 29 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

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