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Cross Vegetable Garden

This is our first year of gardening and we are so excited! When we bought our first house in November we were pleased to find a garden plot already started for us. The previous owners had planted a garden for the 3 years that they had lived there and had put up a nice fence to gard it from their dog. Since we were bringing two dogs to live with us the fence was a great addition! We have already made a few mistakes but as I said this is our first year. Next year we will be ready to make a few changes. We really enjoy being in the garden and are already seeing a few “fruits of our labor”. Our plan is to go as organic as possible with our garden so we are learning all about that as we go along also.

An outdoor organic garden located in Midland, United States, Shala's Cross Vegetable garden currently contains 12 plants.

Situated in a Full Sun position, this Vegetable garden is located in USDA Zone 7b.






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Welcome to myfolia!
I love that stone path in your veg garden. I hope you enjoy your garden as much as I do. I’ve become completely hooked on my veg garden :)
That community garden sounds like a fabulous plan, go for it!
Oh, and tomatoes and basil make great companion plants, you could plant them in the same plot!

Posted on 18 Apr 08 (over 11 years ago)

Wow. That is going to be a gorgeous garden. LOVE that stone path. I wish you the best of luck on your gardening adventures!

Posted on 19 Apr 08 (over 11 years ago)


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United States7

Your garden is really beautiful! How lucky you are!

Posted on 04 Jun 08 (about 11 years ago)

I love the stone path as well! I saw you were my gardening neighbor and checked out your page. It looks like we both live in the same city here in West Texas. Is this now your 2nd year gardening? I’m very new myself, just since the fall of 2008, so not long ago at all. I hope to read more updates from you if you are gardening again this year.


Posted on 20 Apr 09 (over 10 years ago)

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