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Kitchen Potager Garden

This has been a labor of love (despite how it appears). I cleared all of the weeds for this garden by hand because I wanted the roots removed. I measured it all using the tree stump in the center as the center point. The stump can’t be removed easily so this was my way of designing around it.

I was lucky to get some cobbles from a friend who got them from a site where they were not needed. The idea with the cobbles is to create raised beds. They are raised to some extent but I spent some time digging down and loosened the existing soil at least 8" or so. I have amended it with two types of compost and will add composted steer manure as well.

Next came planning, shopping for and installing the drip irrigation system. This required 3 trips to the hardware store an a bit of cursing; par for the course for a home improvement project. The drip is now working but I’m not sure if I’m getting the coverage that I need. I may need to add more drip tubing. I’ll just have to keep checking the soil for now and will need to determine how long to run the water.

Located in La Mesa, United States, lontra's Kitchen Potager garden is an outdoor organic garden that currently contains 21 plants.

This is a Vegetable garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 10b. It has mainly Clay soil and receives Full Sun light.




this design around the tree stump looks really kewl….i dig. it kind of reminds me of something ancient and mystical or something along those lines. i also get an interesting vibe just looking at it…almost as if you created your own perfect energy circle/center. i believe things are going to grow very well there! im a totally new and uneducated veggie gardener learning the ropes from the beginning…which is both fun and exhausting :o)

Posted on 26 Apr 10 (over 9 years ago)

CityGypsy—Thanks! Had the stump not been there I probably would have done something different but so far it’s worked out. It’s been tricky to get the drip lines to cover evenly but I’ll figure it out.

Posted on 10 May 10 (over 9 years ago)

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