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Butterfly-Front garden Garden

This is my front garden. I’ve just put this one in in the last month. It’s still a work in progress.I need to get the rest of the grass removed and mulch it. I have Firebush,Purple and red porterweed,Night Bloomin Jasmine,Sweet Almond Bush, Cats Whiskers,Dantura,Plumbego,Buddleia,Salvia,Hydrangea,Pentas,and Lantanas.
I also have containers with host plants in them still.They are not quite big enough to put in the ground. There is also a huge bunch of African Iris’ that need to be thinned.
Edit: African Iris’ thinned. Moved the Firebush and Plumbago. Added 2 red Pentas and a Lilac Cats Whiskers, transplanted the Pineapple Sage and what may or may not be the Mealy Sage Salvia,also transplanted one of the containers of Common Milkweed.
I rearranged and moved the larger plants to the far end and graduated them in expected size toward the front entryway,with the exception of the Night blooming Jasmine because I just didn’t want to disturb it again.It no likey moving much.It will take years for it to get huge anyways. I may need to go and buy at least one decent size plant from the man I got my first plants from.Hopefully he still raises them.

An outdoor organic garden located in Orlando, United States, Butterfly_Lady's Butterfly-Front garden garden currently contains 15 plants.

This is a Butterfly garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 9a. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Partial Sun light.




Hi, I saw your Butterfly Garden on MyFolia. We have some of the same plants. I have cuttings of porterweed, pentas and pineapple sage overwintering in the Greenhouse in case the others fail to return in spring in my zone 8b garden. Almost everything I plant now is with an eye toward what will please the butterflies.

Nell Jean

Posted on 06 Jan 09 (over 10 years ago)

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