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Finally made the big move over winter 2010 to dig up a patch of back lawn for a vegie garden.

I’m not especially handy so didn’t fancy building up raised beds, so lots of double digging was needed to get the beds into shape.

Having heaps of fun making decisions on planting and trying to get my head around crop rotation. I also need to plan for the fact that while my back yard has fantastic sun over Summer months, come winter time a good section of the garden will be in shade, so I’ll need to sow a green manure or some such.

Aug, 2011 – I’ve converted the labelling of this garden as individual beds (as per 2nd photo), for better tracking, so my records will now be updated via beds 1-6.

Containing 0 plants, TeresaGreen's Vegetable garden [archived] is an outdoor garden located in Melbourne, Australia and is grown using organic principles.

This Vegetable garden is located in USDA Zone 10 and has Clay soil with a Partial Sun outlook.




I’m curious to know how all the different tomatoes performed this year in your garden? Do think there is any way to rank them? Maybe that’s a bit difficult because is flavour more important than yield or, is it the other way round. Its an impressive list. Hope the rather damp weather this year in Melbourne did not bring too many problems?

Posted on 25 Feb 11 (over 8 years ago)

Hi Ricen,
Well my main problem was my three year old who pulled out my original ‘grown from seed’ tomato plants, so i had to cheat and buy some store bought but ‘heritage’ varieties in a punnet.

They’ve coped pretty well with the wet weather, and put on some rampant growth over January – so far no mildew/fungal problems – touch wood.

For taste, I’ve enjoyed my black russian and the cherries – esp. sweet bite and Tommy Toe – though I’m sucker for nice/exotic looking tomatoes, and am really enjoying the sundrop and ‘little sugar yellow’ – simply because they are so pretty and look lovely sliced in a salad or even on a home made pizza. Sundrop, especially, which as the name suggests is a really golden orange color. I’d definitely like to grow these again and also Tiny Tim which I haven’t grown this year, but have in the past and really enjoy for it’s great taste.

Other things I’ve noticed is that the Black Russian isn’t particularly prolific, whereas the Roma’s give you heaps of fruit – but to be honest, I’ve not particularly liked their (Roma’s) flavour – look impressive, but really very bland. I’m not sure either of these are varieties I’d replant in a hurry – they’ve both been ok – but not very special.

While I have a few different varieties they don’t take up a huge amount of space as some of the cherry varieties are quite compact – meant really for draping out of pots, which suited me as I was too lazy to be bothered with lots of staking – and I have only one of each.

Do you have any favourite tomato plants to recommend – always looking for new ones to try!

Posted on 25 Feb 11 (over 8 years ago)

Further to my last message – looks like I spoke to soon – I’ve just had to dig out several plants with some sort of die back – tomato blight? mosaic virus:? not sure what it was – I imagine our super wet conditions haven’t helped. I think I need to a lot more vigilant and pro-active next year with some sort of disease prevention strategy – and keep learning from my mistakes, as I’m still a novice tomato grower.

Posted on 07 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

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