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Convertible Hoophouse Garden

Here’s a link to a photo album of when I built the hoophouse. The pictures are in chronological order, and I tried to tell the story with the captions…

link: Building an Organic Garden and Greenhouse Photo Album

An outdoor organic garden located in Colorado Springs, United States, mlanning's Convertible Hoophouse garden currently contains 23 plants.

This is a Vegetable garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 5b. It has mainly Loam soil and receives Full Sun light.




Nice Hoop-house. I’m in zone 5a, and found that plants don’t do well during prolonged sub-freezing temps. I’m planning to heat my greenhouse and hoop-house this winter with a barrel stove. I’m trying for vegetable and fruit self sufficiency next year. Like you, I built my greenhouse almost entirely from Free-cycle and Craigslist. Great photo-documentation on Picasso. Good to see another DIY jury-rigger on Folia.

Posted on 27 Apr 11 (over 8 years ago)

Thanks for taking the time to look at the pictures hotwired! I originally thought of the idea to build a hoophouse to keep the deer out of the garden. I first looked into fencing material, but it was too expensive for my limited budget. I had already been reading The Four Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman, and it clicked in my head that a hoophouse would be affordable plus it would keep the deer out.

So… this next year, for me, is about seeing how far I can go into the fall/winter using unheated double covering (coldframes inside the hooophouse), and variety selection (cold hardy crops like mache, etc). Once I get a handle on how to extend the harvest using these methods, I’ll start working on creating new, warmer micro-climates using solar gain and thermal mass… but those are definitely future projects. I’ve got my hands full for now! :)

Posted on 28 Apr 11 (over 8 years ago)

Great idea for a garden, hope you have a good harvest

Posted on 24 Aug 13 (about 6 years ago)

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