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Wildlife Garden

Not a specific garden, but a place to keep notes on Birds, Insects and other wildlife in the garden.

As our garden areas have been worked on over the last few years there has been a wonderful increase in the numbers and diversity of insect life, but the bad winter of 2010-11 followed by the gales and torrential rain in Spring and lots more wind and heavy rain through summer have all taken a big toll so I thought I should have a section to journal any noticeable increases, declines or events.

I’ve especially enjoyed finding Shield Bug nypmphs this year, having never seen young Shield bugs before, only the adults. I love the Hawthorn Shield bug nymph with the litre face on it’s back.

An outdoor organic garden located in Loanhead, United Kingdom, CDfolia's Wildlife garden currently contains 27 plants.

This Butterfly garden is listed in Zone 8b.




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