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Possum proof Garden

The possums kept eating my seedlings. I tried everything – quassia chips, chilli spray and chicken wire. The only thing to work – bird netting! So far so good!

Update: 18 October 2008
Made it through 2 months and no possum attacks to date! Yay! Bird netting is working a treat and only costs about $4 a metre from Bunnings. Definitely working a treat.

An outdoor organic garden located in Brisbane, Australia, Kratzy's Possum proof garden currently contains 11 plants.






Folia Helper

United States7

The bird netting looks like it would be fairly easy to move out of the way. I’m glad it’s working for you!

Posted on 25 Aug 08 (about 11 years ago)

It is actually quite difficult to get into. There is a chicken wire fence about 2 feet high and the netting goes over that. The tiny bits of wire that poke out the chicken wire through seem to anchor it down well enough to keep everything out.

Posted on 27 Aug 08 (almost 11 years ago)

Bloody possums! Sure, they’re cute but boy can they mess up a tomato crop. Nice solution you’ve got there, I might have to borrow it for my tomatoes this season. Previous years have seen a possum take a bite out of 6 different almost ripe tomatoes on the same plant! and it was surrounded by chicken wire.

Posted on 25 Sep 08 (almost 11 years ago)

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