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We live on a 5 acre block and i have about half an acre allocated as my main vegetable garden. Hubby and i eat loads of veggies so hopefully we will be able to be relatively self sufficient in regards to vegetables.

Currently the soil is very heavy clay and has obviously never been worked before. I think its pretty much nutrient free so i have been very busy with trying to improve it as organically as possible. My main source of organic matter is from my 2 worm farms.

EDIT January 2008

It has become painfully aware to us that the compacted clay soil needs too much enrichment for our budget. We have been spending the time making raised beds (1 so far) with bricks that were left over from when our house was built. Freecycle have been ableto provide enough bricks for a third bed. I will be filling the beds with worm farm compost and top soil from in and around my gum trees. I am hopeful that next year the crop will be bigger and better.

Located in Ballarat, Australia, lashylashla's Vegetable garden is an outdoor organic garden that currently contains 20 plants.






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That looks wonderful! I can see you’ve planted a few beans/peas, that’s a great way of adding nutrients (nitrogen) to your soil, from which other plants can benefit, but maybe you already knew this :) In case you didn’t, don’t pull up the plants when you’re ready to take them out, but leave the roots in the soil!

Posted on 20 Nov 07 (almost 12 years ago)

Thanks for the info, as you guess the planting is deliberate. We have a clay soil that is fairly stripped of nutrients due to the number of trees we have. So this was a deliberate plot to get some goodness into the soil without having to use chemicals and still being able to eat the product :) Thanks for the info though

Posted on 20 Nov 07 (almost 12 years ago)

Yum, your garden looks delicious! Is that a kitty in the photo?

I have been steadily improving the soil in my organic vegie patch, and one of the things that seems to really be helping is mulching with lucerne hay. It adds nitrogen to the soil and is better than pea straw apparently. I think with clay soil you can dig the hay into the top 20cm of soil at the end of each season to lighten it and make it more friable.

Posted on 20 Jan 08 (over 11 years ago)

Hi Bellgirl,
There are 2 dogs in the house so bound to be one of them in the photos! Thanks for the advice about lucerene hay, we are currently plannning raised beds for next year so will be good to pop some hay in the bottom of the beds. My worm farms are so needing to be emptied but i keep on adding new layers as i want to keep the good stuff for the raised beds!

Posted on 20 Jan 08 (over 11 years ago)

LOve to hear how your raised beds are progressing.

Any luck?

Posted on 26 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

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