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Pool Garden

This is the miscellaneous areas in the back yard inside the pool fence. The main areas are:
The Bird Bed – Mockingbirds live in the hedge and that area is always a twitter with bird song.
The Faucet Bed – Consist of water faucet and pool equipment I’m always trying to hide.
The Fence line – Back fence to the pool area. Constant fail in trying to get flowering vines to climb and trail along this fence.
Containers & Hanging Baskets – Constant fail. Never as lush as I’d like.

Main photo – Day Lily in Bird Bed
1. Bird Bed in Oct 2007 before we moved in.
2. My bottle tree,
3. Elephant ears in the faucet bed. These died in 2009 and I’ve tried several times to replace them. I plant EE bulbs and they don’t come up. Finally in 2011 Black Magic grew… but they are so tiny.
4. Bird Bed 2009
5. Bird Bed – Spring of 2011. Cut everything back and replaced non-blooming bubble bush with Hydrangea Endless Summer.
6. Lily called Commander in Chief that definitely wasn’t.

An outdoor organic garden located in Wylie, United States, SerenDippity's Pool garden [archived] currently contains 0 plants.

This is a Butterfly garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Dappled Sun light.




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