Seed Swaps

raised bed 10 Hummingbird & Butterfly Garden

This is a four by four foot square foot garden that I seeded with Hummingbird & Butterfly mix seed. It’s just getting going but growing rapidly. It is the far box in this photo which was taken just after seeding so at this point was a box of dirt. lol I have tiny seedlings everywhere now.

New photos added taken 4/27/14 showing the “lawn” of sprouts! lol The group photo is the original photo posted with this garden.

I also have a little butterfly waterer/garden box setting against it. You can see it on the far side of the planted bed.

An outdoor organic garden located in Live Oak, United States, FaithAbounds's raised bed 10 Hummingbird & Butterfly garden currently contains 1 plants.

This is a Butterfly garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8b. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Full Sun light.




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