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Vegetable Garden

5 beds for rotational cropping.

An outdoor organic garden located in Canberra, Australia, Kim's Vegetable garden currently contains 19 plants.




It looks like a truly awesome fence, except when the dogs get under it…

Posted on 24 Sep 07 (almost 12 years ago)

good spread of edible plants there Kim – I will look forward to watching the progress as the sun works it’s magic on your plot. I am looking at getting some beetroot in also – great fresh veg that one :)

Posted on 15 Oct 07 (almost 12 years ago)

Bj, your fence is a wreck! :( I’ll have to get stronger wire those darstedly dogs can’t get through.

Harvester, I’ll be posting some new photos soon as the plants have really come along.

Posted on 18 Oct 07 (almost 12 years ago)

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