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Big sharehouse backyard Garden

This is a huge, mostly-shaded backyard at a house that I share with six other women and a number of very active community groups. It hasn’t been gardened at all in at least a year, but there are outlines of garden beds here and there that I intend to try to reclaim.

It’s going to be an interesting exercise, growing food for a household of seven in a space that is used for lots of other activities- I’m only half-joking when I consider the use of barbed wire (electrified!) to keep enthusiastic but garden-blind people out of my beds and off my seedlings.

Moving to this garden has also necessitated a pretty hard-core education campaign on how to harvest herbs without killing the plants. So far it seems to have been successful and I’m greatly enjoying the satisfaction of seeing my food-plants enjoyed by other people.

Other challenges of this space: a hefty population of possums & fruit-bats, a resident dog and two cats, and a sense of it being a bit of a communal dumping-ground (“No you CAN’T leave your rusting bike carcass in my veggie patch!”). Benefits of the space: a steady supply of willing hands to help me out, lots of mouths happy to eat the food I grow, and an appreciation of the wacky & creative side of gardening. Also LOTS more space to garden, and a whole lotta scope for improvement.

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Good luck with your big new space – it’s a lot of work trying to tame what’s been overgrown for a long period (I’m doing the same thing so I know). Very rewarding though to see it come together at last.

Posted on 29 Jun 08 (about 11 years ago)

sounds like a really awesome garden and a great atmosphere. poor homeless bike carcass ;)

Posted on 19 Aug 08 (about 11 years ago)

LOL! You have fruit bats as garden pests. How funny!

Posted on 20 Sep 08 (almost 11 years ago)

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