Seed Swaps

Plants beginning with I

The Folia Plant Database is compiled and maintained by gardeners all over the world adding their experiences to each of the plants. Read more about the plants beginning with the letter I, their ideal growing conditions and whether they are suitable for your garden.

Name Botanical Name
Ibapah Springparsley Cymopterus ibapensis
Ibapah Tickweed Hackelia ibapensis
Ibatia maritima Ibatia maritima
Iberian Geranium Geranium ibericum
Iberian Knapweed Centaurea iberica
Iberian Spiderflower Cleome iberica
Iberian Spirea Spiraea hypericifolia
Iberis Iberis
Iberis candicans Iberis candicans
Iberis nudicaulis Iberis nudicaulis
Iberis pruitii Iberis pruitii
Ibervillea Ibervillea
Ibervillea tenella Ibervillea tenella
Ibervillea tripartita Ibervillea tripartita
Ibex Buckwheat Eriogonum ammophilum
Ibicella Ibicella
Ibidium beckii Ibidium beckii
Ibidium cernuum Ibidium cernuum
Ibidium floridanum Ibidium floridanum
Ibidium gracile Ibidium gracile
Ibidium intermedium Ibidium intermedium
Ibidium laciniatum Ibidium laciniatum
Ibidium longilabre Ibidium longilabre
Ibidium ovale Ibidium ovale
Ibidium plantagineum Ibidium plantagineum