Seed Swaps

Plants beginning with K

The Folia Plant Database is compiled and maintained by gardeners all over the world adding their experiences to each of the plants. Read more about the plants beginning with the letter K, their ideal growing conditions and whether they are suitable for your garden.

Name Botanical Name
Kalanchoe prebella Kalanchoe prebella
Kalanchoe tubiflora Kalanchoe tubiflora
Kalanchoe verticillata Kalanchoe verticillata
Kale Brassica oleracea (Acephala Group)
Kale Brassica oleracea
Kale Brassica napus with brassica rapa
Kale Brassica oleracea acephala group
Kale Kale brassica oleracea
Kale Brassica oleracea
Kale Brassicaceae brassica oleracea
Kale Brassica oleracea var. sabellica
Kale thousand head Brassica oleracea acephala var. ramosa
Kale tuscan black Brassica oleracea
Kale, collards Brassica oleracea
Kalealaha Beggarticks Bidens micrantha ssp. kalealaha
Kalia Elaeocarpus bifidus
Kalimeris mongolica Kalimeris mongolica
Kalkoentjie Tritonia crocata
Kallstroemia Kallstroemia
Kallstroemia brachystylis Kallstroemia brachystylis
Kallstroemia caribaea Kallstroemia caribaea
Kallstroemia intermedia Kallstroemia intermedia
Kalm's Hawkweed Hieracium kalmii var. kalmii
Kalm's Hawkweed Hieracium kalmii
Kalmia Kalmia